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All corporate human resource programs and services for the Government of the Northwest Territories are the responsibility of the Department of Finance.  The Department’s mandate is to provide both transactional and strategic human resource management services to departments and agencies. Fulfilling this mandate involves the recruitment and retention of a competent, representative public service, the development of programs and policies that effectively serve the human resource needs of the public service, and the creation of a work environment that promotes employee development, safety and wellness, and positive labour/management relations.  The mission and vision for the delivery of human resources are:

Supporting excellence in the GNWT public service through the delivery of innovative, quality human resources.

Connecting with our clients to provide leadership and excellence in human resource management.

Human Resources Delivery

The GNWT human resources service delivery model integrates, connects and leverages HR services with corporate oversight while remaining flexible enough to respond to the unique human resource needs of departments and agencies.  Human resource management is implemented within the framework provided through relevant legislation and policies. 

The Department of Finance recognizes that client departments and agencies have a lead role to play in:

  • managing their own staff, including performance management and the oversight of time, labour and scheduling;
  • strategic management of their human resources using value added tools and support from the Department of Finance in actions such as recruitment and staffing, knowledge transfer and talent management; and
  • managing their fiscal resources, authorities and accountabilities.

Client departments and agencies recognize that the Department of Finance has a lead role to play in:

  • delivering core transactional services directly on behalf of the employer;
  • developing the tools and resources that support clients in managing their staff;
  • adding strategic value to human resource management and supporting a corporate perspective across departments and agencies; and
  • providing regular human resource reporting and monitoring service levels.

To this end, the management of the GNWT’s human resources is a partnership to enable the achievement of Government priorities.