Employee Recognition & Awards

Employee Recognition and Awards

Through hard work and dedication, Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) employees help to make the Northwest Territories a great place to live. They educate our children, provide health care, maintain our highways and perform countless other tasks.

The GNWT recognizes the need to acknowledge and celebrate those outstanding individuals and teams who have gone above and beyond, through the annual Premier’s Awards.

Premier’s Awards and Dave Ramsden Career Excellence Award


What are the Premier’s Awards?

The Premier’s Award for Excellence  recognizes the outstanding achievements of individual GNWT employees or teams of GNWT employees who continue to strive for excellence, best practice management and improvements in the workplace.

The Premier’s Award for Collaboration  recognizes the outstanding achievement of GNWT employees in teams who work in partnership with other government and non-government employees to improve services to Northwest Territories’ residents.

What is the Dave Ramsden Career Excellence Award?

The Dave Ramsden Career Excellence Award  recognizes the outstanding achievements of individuals in the Northwest Territories who have served 20 years or more in the Government of the Northwest Territories public service. The goal of this award is to recognize individuals who have made a commitment to their careers in the public service.

When is the deadline for nominations?

The deadline for nominations for the Premier’s Awards and the Dave Ramsden Career Excellence Award was Friday, February 14, 2014 at 5:00 pm.  The nomination period is now closed.

Now that the nomination period has closed, what happens next?

The information submitted is verified by the Department of Human Resources, and sent to the nominees’ Deputy Head for vetting. 

The Premier’s Awards:  An Initial Review Committee then meets to review the nominators’ submissions and to make recommendations to a committee comprised of Deputy Ministers. This Deputy Ministers Committee then reviews the nominations and recommendations, and provides recommendations to the Premier. The Premier approves the final selection of award recipients.

Dave Ramsden Career Excellence Award:  Nominations are evaluated by a selection committee established by the Secretary to Cabinet.  Recipients are recommended to the Premier.

How can I find out who will be receiving the awards?

Deputy Heads are informed of successful nominations in late April or early May.  Award recipients will be informed by formal letter from the Premier of the Northwest Territories.  The Department of Human Resources contacts all nominators with information on whether or not their submission was successful.  

Award recipient names will be released to the public in late May 2014.

What if an individual or team is not recommended for an award?

Nominees who are not selected for the Premier's Awards may be commended for their achievements through the Department Recognition Program, if they qualify. Details on Department Recognition can be found in the Human Resources Manual under the Planning and Development section 1413c.

When and where is the awards presentation?

The 2014 Premier’s Awards event will be held in the Great Hall of the Legislative Assembly on June 4, 2014.

Is travel provided for award recipients?

The Department of Human Resources encourages all recipients to attend the award ceremony.  While DHR is unable to assist non-GNWT employee recipients with the travel costs associated with attending the ceremony, we are able to assist by providing information regarding accommodations and travel to Yellowknife.