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Human Resource Manual

1208 - Bilingual Bonus


Main Collective Agreement with UNW
Article 24.12 - Pay

Senior Managers' Handbook
Bilingual Allowance

Excluded Employees' Handbook
Bilingual Allowance

Official Languages Act
The Official Languages of the Northwest Territories are Chipewyan, Cree, English, French, Gwich'in, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, North Slavey, South Slavey and Tlicho.



These guidelines apply to all employees except those employed by the Northwest Territories (NWT) Power Corporation and employees represented by the NWTTA bargaining unit.



Bilingual Required is a position where the ability to speak more than one official language is required by the Employer to provide adequate service in the community or region the position serves.

Bilingual Preferred means the ability of an individual employee to speak an official language in addition to English is an asset to the position as the employee may occasionally provide service in another official language (e.g., field calls or requests from the public or interjurisdictional inquiries) but is not a requirement of the position.



  1. Deputy Heads are responsible for establishing levels of service in official languages and for commitments under the Official Languages Act. Deputy Heads decide how official language services are provided within their Department or Agency.
  2. Employees in positions that are assigned translation and/or interpreter duties in a particular language in their job descriptions are not eligible for the bilingual bonus for use of the designated language. Compensation for this language use is provided through the job evaluation process. Examples of these positions include interpreter/translators, legal translators, and clerk interpreters.
  3. The Department of Human Resources will provide Deputy Heads with annual reports on employees who are receiving the bilingual bonus.
  4. French language proficiency guidelines and assessment instructions are available from the Department of Human Resources.

Bilingual Required

  1. Employees in positions, other than employees assigned duties of translation and interpretation in their job descriptions, required by the Employer to use two or more of the official languages of the NWT shall receive a bilingual bonus of $1,200 per annum.
  2. Bilingual Required positions are determined by Deputy Heads.
  3. When a position has been designated Bilingual Required it will be identified, along with the required language, in the job description. If available, the required language proficiency should also be included in the job description.

Bilingual Preferred

  1. Employees who use more than one official language occasionally during their regular workday in positions that are not designated as Bilingual Required may apply for the bilingual bonus under Bilingual Preferred.
  2. Examples of jobs where an employee may be approved for the bilingual bonus under the Bilingual Preferred category include, but are not limited to:
    1. communication officers
    2. economic development officers
    3. classroom assistants
    4. community health nurses
    5. hospital nurses
    6. health promotion and education officers
    7. community health representatives
    8. community health aides
    9. lay dispensers
    10. juridical officers
    11. social service workers
    12. social services, health or education attendants for:
      1. boarding homes
      2. transient centres
      3. residences
      4. correctional facilities
    13. renewable resource officers
    14. assistant renewable resource officers
    15. Housing Corporation officers in district offices or communities
  3. The employing Department or Agency will review the request against criteria established for official languages provided in their Department or Agency as well as, but not limited to the following criteria:
    1. The employee uses a second official language occasionally during their regular workday in their provision of services and the bilingual service provided by the employee is more substantial than simply passing off a client to another bilingual colleague;
    2. The employee should possesses an adequate language proficiency to provide occasional services in the second language;
    3. The employee is NOT working in a bilingual required designated position;
    4. The employee is NOT working in a position whose job description states that the major responsibilities require the use of another language (i.e., legal translator, clerk/interpreter).
  4. The Deputy Head shall advise the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Finance of approved bilingual bonus requests under the Bilingual Preferred category and provide the:
    1. employee name;
    2. employee location; and
    3. language being used.
  5. If an employee changes positions (i.e., transfer assignment or promotion, etc.), the bilingual bonus is terminated.