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Aboriginal Management Development Program

This program is currently under review.


The Aboriginal Management Development Program (AMDP) provides funding assistance and other resources to GNWT Departments and Agencies to support the development of Aboriginal employees’ to meet the GNWT’s future leadership needs.

Funding is available for associate positions for up to 24 months in two categories:

  • Senior management – positions at the director and superintendent level or higher
  • Management – positions at the manager level.

Departments and Agencies apply for associate placement funding beginning each November.  Each year, funding and support is available for three new senior manager associate positions and one new management level associate position. The program’s capacity is eight associate positions at any one time. 

Associates are hired through job competitions that follow the standard hiring assessment process. Eligibility for hiring in this program is limited to Indigenous Aboriginal persons. Departments and Agencies guarantee associates an indeterminate senior management or management-level position upon successful completion of the program.

AMDP orientation for the associate and their supervisor is available.

To find out more about the AMDP, and how it can help your Department or Agency with workforce planning and knowledge retention, contact your HR Client Service Team.  They can provide you with information on the program application requirements and the approval process.

Aboriginal Management Development Program Guidelines and Application Process

Associate Progress Update Template