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Regional Recruitment Program

The goal of the Regional Recruitment Program is to link vacant regional positions with potential employees.  Financial and human resources are available to departments, boards and agencies to support on-the-job training for program participants through a structured and managed approach. 

On-the-job training focuses on unique support and development for individual trainees to assist in identifying candidates, developing/implementing training plans and supporting trainees while they are participating in on-the-job training.

During the training period, trainees receive 80% of the position’s salary. The remaining 20% supports the employee’s training and development plan, which might include travel to other communities to train under experienced employees or attend specialized courses.  Funding is available from the Department of Finance to assist with the costs of implementing the trainee’s learning and development plan (over and above the 20% supported by the home department, board or agency).

The Regional Recruitment Program is an initiative of the Department of Finance’s Workforce Planning Strategy and supports the 18th Legislative Assembly Caucus’ commitment to increase employment opportunities where they are most needed by decentralizing more GNWT positions.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Ms. Michaela Johnson, Regional Recruitment Specialist with the Department of Finance at 1-867-872-6539.

The Program Guidelines also provide information on the Program.