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UNW Collective Agreement

Article 30 - Technological Change



30.01 Technological change means:
  (a) the introduction by the Employer of equipment or material of a different nature than that previously utilized; and
  (b) a change in the Employer's operation directly related to the introduction of that equipment or material.


30.02 When the Employer is considering the introduction of a technological change which would result in significant changes in the employment status or working conditions of employees, it shall provide the Union and every affected employee, at least six (6) months notice before the introduction of a technological change, with a written description of the change it intends to carry out, disclosing foreseeable adverse effects on employees.


30.03 Where the Employer has notified the Union that it intends to introduce a technological change, the parties undertake to meet within the next fifteen (15) days and to hold constructive and meaningful consultations in an effort to reach agreement on solutions and administrative procedures to deal with problems arising from the change.


30.04 The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to continued employment of employees who would otherwise become redundant because of technological change.


30.05 Where an employee requires new or different skills as a result of technological change, the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to provide the required training courses at no cost to the employee.